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Don’t let 10% of your budget become 90% of your Headaches.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Just the ability to manufacture a part will not get you or your company where you’re looking to go. It is not enough to just produce parts in a highly competitive market; you need to make accurate parts with tight delivery deadlines. You need to demonstrate to your customer that the parts you manufacture are within the agreed-upon tolerances. Your end-user must have confidence that your parts will arrive ready to be installed in the final product, whether that product is as large as a plane or as small as an ink pen.

At Precision Jig and Fixture (PJF), we have provided customers with inspection solutions since 1995. During my time at PJF, I have seen the same questions come up repeatedly regarding inspection fixtures and part verification. This blog hopes to provide accurate and up-to-date answers to many of those questions.

Upcoming topics will include:

  • What information to provide at the start of a project?

  • How to get the most out of a design review?

  • What inspection strategy is best for your parts and processes?

  • How to make your inspection Fixture user-friendly?

  • Can a Gauge be durable and stay on budget?

  • What are the options when an E.C. impacts a completed fixture?

As we dig into these and other related topics, our goal is to focus on what is most important to our readers; your comments and questions will assist us in accomplishing that goal.

The cost of inspecting your product is a necessary expense, and choosing the best method of inspection for your particular part can be a daunting task. Having the correct strategy and working with the right team can help minimize the expense on both your time and your budget.

Do you need an attribute fixture or just a CMM holding fixture? Will you need variable data in critical areas of the part? If you do, how will you record that data? The choices you make will directly impact the flow of your manufacturing process. The products you manufacture are the lifeblood of your company. We hope that the information within these weekly blogs will help keep that process flowing smoothly.

By Chris McColley


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