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PJF Metrology North

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PJF Metrology North is a full service inspection lab providing unsurpassed service, prompt turnaround, and aggressive pricing. We provide metrology services to various industries including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, US
defense, heavy equipment, and alternative energy.
We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations
through active communication. Our prompt
turnaround is fuelled by multiple operators and
machines, running 2 shifts, 5 days a week.

Located in Cedar Springs Michigan,  just north of Grand Rapids, our location offers easy access to major highways and logistical routes.Our reputation of quality, service, and trusted results is well known throughout West Michigan and the Midwest! As our presence in the metrology sector continues to grow, we are striving to become one of the top metrology labs in North America.

  • Part Layouts: Part print geometrical and Linear. With fixture, free-state or using PJF large in-house fixture sets.

  • 3rd Party Gage Certifications: Initial or annual verification.

  • Capability Study: Manual using variable data or pass/fail. Automated using CMM machine.

  • Gage R/Gage RR: Manual using variable data or pass/fail. Automated using CMM machine.

  • Mold Validation: CMM measurement or 3D Scanning.

  • 3D Scanning: Onsite or In-house. Color map, dimensional reports. Point clouds, STL files outputs. Using Metrologic X4 or Polyworks.

  • Reverse Engineering: Scan to 3D model / surface creation available.

  • Offline Programming: PC-DMIS or Metrologic Silma X4 Software.

  • On-site Services: Programming or production running of parts in PC-DMIS or Metrologic Software.

  • Multisensor measurement: Tactile and non-contact vision



  • (3) Mitutoyo CHN 1612's

  • (2) Mitutoyo Crysta Apex

  • (1) Mitutoyo Bright 1220

  • (1) Brown and Sharpe Global

  • (1) Wenzel LH1210

  • (1) Mitutoyo Optical Comparator 

  • (1) Hexagon Global S

  • (1) Hexagon Optiv Classic

  • (1) Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm: 7 Axis - 3.5 Meter

  • Metrologic


  • VXelements

  • Polyworks

  • FixtureBuilder

  • Transmagic

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