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PJF is committed to the highest quality possible for our customers. Our Quality Management System has been tenuously securitized through well known certification registrar audits to provide the upmost quality inside and outside of all our locations. Each day PJF strives to continuously improve our process to stay at the forefront of our industry.


PJF Mission Statement:

“To deliver quality products on time”.


PJF Quality Policy:


"I" stands for initiative. Take the initiative to do it right even if no one else will know.

"N" stands for necessary. Satisfy necessary requirements.

"T" stands for teamwork. Teamwork is service before self.

"E" stands for ensure. Ensure integrity, safety and quality.

"G" stands for give. Give 110 percent all the time.

"R" stands for respect. Respect each other.

"I" stands for intelligence. Gain Intelligent thought, through

training and continuous improvement

"T" stands for truth. You can always remember the truth.

"Y" stands for you. You and I can make a difference.

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