Metrology Services

  • Part Layouts: Part print geometrical and Linear. With fixture, free-state or using PJF large in-house fixture sets.

  • 3rd Party Gage Certifications: Initial or annual verification.

  • Capability Study: Manual using variable data or pass/fail. Automated using CMM machine.

  • Gage R/Gage RR: Manual using variable data or pass/fail. Automated using CMM machine.

  • Mold Validation: CMM measurement or 3D Scanning.

  • 3D Scanning: Onsite or In-house. Color map, dimensional reports. Point clouds, STL files outputs. Using Metrologic X4 or Polyworks.

  • DOE (Design of Experiment)

  • Reverse Engineering: Scan to 3D model / surface creation available.

  • Offline Programming: PC-DMIS or Metrologic Silma X4 Software.

  • On-site Services: Programming or production running of parts in PC-DMIS or Metrologic Software.

Our Machine List


PJF North

Metrology (MI)

  • (3) Mitutoyo CHN 1612's

  • (2) Mitutoyo Crysta Apex

  • (1) Mitutoyo Bright 1220

  • (1) Brown and Sharpe Global

  • (1) Wenzel LH1210

  • (1) Mitutoyo Optical Comparator 

  • (1) Hexagon Global S

  • (1) Hexagon Optiv Classic

  • (1) Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm: 7 Axis - 3.5 Meter


  • Inspection software includes: Metrologic X4, Polyworks, Silma X4 and PC DMIS.

  • PJF Metrology North offers onsite support for both Metrologic and PC-DMIS, programming and/or operating only.

  • PJF Metrology North began offering offline programming during 2018 and has the capabilities to program in both PC-DMIS and Metrologic.

  • PJF Metrology North runs two shifts with a total company count of 18.

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